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On a recent visit to the Hopi Cultural Center we met Logan Honanie from the village of Shungopavi. His work ranges from small refrigerator magnets large sculptures.


November 26, 2021 Avoid the crowds and buy from local Hopi artists. Reach out to them to see if they are running Black Friday deals. Support our local artist.

Jewelry Boxes

Buy Hopi Jewelry Boxes

Cole is from Moencopi and produces traditional flat dolls using cottonwood root, bird feathers, and other materials. He is the newest member of the #BuyHopi community and has the perfect holiday gift. His work can be found in the Kachina Doll section so please take a look and reach out…

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Lolma. Please join the #BuyHopi team in welcoming Jay to the website. He is from First Mesa and has a lot to offer with art ranging from jewelry boxes to prints.


Our artists of the month are Andrew Honyaktewa and Denyse Carr from the Village of Mishongnovi. The duo produce authentic Hopi art work which includes canvas paintings, hand painted jewelry, pen/pencil sketches, and digital media.