Welcome Alicia “AJ” Nequatewa

Alicia is the newest member of the buy Hopi family and from Hotevilla. Her work includes: Silver jewelry Shell jewelry Printed parfleche jewelry Dentalium jewelry Skirts (ribbon)

Welcome Nuvayoiyung Sekakuku

Nuvayoiyung is Sun Clan from Kykotsmovi. His work includes: Acrylic Ink Painting Digital Art Embroidery Vinyl Art Watercolors Link to his site

Gabriel Talayumptewa

Hopi Clock by Gabriel Talayumptewa

Welcome Gabriel to the buyHopi.com family. He is from Kykotsmovi and has a variety of art to choose from including clocks like the ones shown below.

Welcome Dannae Mahape Arts

Dannae Mahape Hopi Art

She is Tepwungwa (Greasewood clan) from Munqapi.

Welcome Taalataavi to the Buy Hopi Community

She is Rabbit Tobacco clan from Old Oraibi. Contact Information: Email: Taalataavi@gmail.comSocial Media: InstagramWebsite Taalataavi.com

Welcome Anthony Puhuyesva

He is Maswungwa from Kykotsmovi and offers multiple forms of Hopi art: Clothing Earrings Pendants Stickers Contact information: Email: apuhuyesva@yahoo.comSocial media: Instagram